Who we are

An Inter-operable universal switch for all QR based payment operator
Provide a comprehensive eco-system for all stakeholders in Pakistan to transact QR based payments with settlements

Key Offering:

  • Provide inter-operability among Various QR Based Payment Providers
  • Create Level playing for small QR Payment providers and create a larger inter-operability eco system, better ROI for all stakeholders
  • QR code agnostic. (EMVCo, Non-EMVCo and Proprietary supported)
  • One switch for all stakeholders: Payment Processors, Banks, Microfinance banks, merchants and consumers
  • Single point integration (One API to interface)
  • NIFT ePay backend payment transaction system.
  • Detailed Payment Settlements and accounting.
  • Centralized reporting for State bank and stakeholders for activity.
  • Uses industry grade encryption for secured payments (PKI/SSL)Partner Certification Program. (Certified partners to carry Partner Logo)

PakQR Benefits for stakeholders

  • Economy
    • Increase Financial Inclusion
    • Economic activity reporting by geographical area and industry sectors
  • Consumer
    • Transition to cashless economy
    • Reduce confusion and ease of use
    • Improve safety with less cash handling
    • Convenience
    • Eventual expansion of E-commerce
    • generally
  • Financial institutions
    • Transition to cashless economy
    • Reduce cost of transaction
    • Increase Customer base
    • Reduce support and maintenance cost by eliminating POS machines
  • Merchant
    • Transition to cashless economy
    • Reduce cost of transaction
    • Improve efficiency by providing Digital POS and reduce numerous POS machines
    • Increase Sales
    • Improve safety with less cash handling
    • Facilitate transition to E-commerce